Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4 Senses 4 Days Without

During my trip in Bangladesh, I read in the newspaper an article written about the senses.  It was a 1200 word essay aspiring writers contribute in hopes they get picked up for a job.  I hope that guy gets the job.  A month later and it's still on my mind.

I'm always trying to understand.  When I see someone with or without, it makes me wonder what it's like.  The poverty there is staggering.  I tried to understand, but I realize the only way I really could is if I lived it.  I decided I wanted to spend a couple months living in poverty.  I think now it would only waste my time.  I would know that it isn't forever.  I would know that the hunger would end after my time was up and in the end I wouldn't really learn anything from it. 

I have a new idea.  One much more practical.  Same principle, different degree.  Dedicate a day to each of the senses.

No sight.  No smell.  No taste.  No hearing.

Here's the how.  Sight is simple.  Cover my eyes.  Smell is simple.  Plug my nose with tissue.  For taste I'll drink water and only water.  If you can think of something better, please let me know.  No hearing.  Ear plugs, covered, and ear muffs over the top.  This one will be harder I think.

I would also eliminate feeling for a day, but it just isn't possible.  Even numb is a feeling.  SO.  Four will have to do.

Now to set the dates... 

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